Wellness Expert Kristin Reece

Kristin Reece is an authentic, loving, personable and professional Intuitive Mystic, Executive Life Coach, and Mother. All her creations and collaborations are offered for the soul purpose to support others on their journey and to live healthily from their entire being mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually.

A native of Arizona, working with groups and individuals worldwide, she has more than a decade of experience offering personal and professional Intuitive Readings, and Coaching. She has worked with a broad spectrum of clientele in age and industry, including National Geographic Adventures and Fortune 500 clients as an independent consultant, Intuitive Reader and Coach.

Prior to Coaching, she attained her business degree through a collegiate athletic and academic scholarship. Upon entering the professional world, she leveraged her intuitive and professional skills into the competitive field of high-end resort management and later, further evolved her education becoming a Certified Coach. Her growth took her along a broad spectrum of achievements from a Chief Operating Officer to Business Consulting. In congruence with her education and professional advancement she continually pursued her gifts and development in her psychic and channeling abilities. Through lifelong experiences, teachings, and shaping these gifts, they have now become the forefront of her work in helping and enriching the lives of individuals and groups around the world.

A vessel of strength and compassion, her foundations are rooted in nature and its limitless tools, believing like nature, we are ever-changing beings, evolving through phases and seasons of life.  A firm believer in keeping things simple in a progressively, convoluted world, she’s all about coming back to “what is” for the truth in your intuitive being and strengthening those primal and fundamental instincts through proper awareness and action.  She believes the heart work is the hard work, and that we can find joy in the process… I mean, after all, didn’t we come here to have some fun too?!


Monet Maddux may be a late bloomer in the singer-songwriting arena but she is, by no means, a “rookie”. Although the Alabama native didn’t begin writing songs, singing and learning guitar until well into adulthood, Maddux’s passion for words and music has informed her entire life. From the hours she’d spend as a little girl escaping to her “happy place” — writing poetry and short stories — her passion has evolved to the 17 years and counting that she’s co-owned (with her guitar-playing husband, Scott Maddux) The Shed Smokehouse & Jukejoint, which has brought many of the biggest names in Americana and roots rock to their beloved, adopted hometown of Maryville, Tennessee.

“I have always valued the power of words and been transformed by the lyrics of a powerful song,” she says, noting that it honestly never occurred to her that she, too, had the soul of a musician and the ability (or gift) to channel that same transforming power herself. At least not until she picked up a small-body Martin guitar leaning against the wall at The Shed. “I didn’t know how to play it but somehow, I knew it was supposed to be mine. Once I began playing guitar, I had a place to put my words. Writing all my life was like a slow drip of ideas, but once I finally found that guitar it was like turning on a faucet.”

Monet’s originals are packed with Southern sass and swagger and the grit, wit, and wisdom of a grown-ass woman emboldened by the rush of finally finding the perfect outlet for her artistic soul. She’s released two singles produced by KY Headhunters founder, Richard Young. Better late than never? Hell no: More like right on time — and she’s just getting warmed up.


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